Multi-function Dealership Brand and Car Loan Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Your automotive brand or auto-loan Vanity-PRO toll-free telephone number makes a statement about who you are. Your number also performs multiple functions at the same time.

Car Leads® makes it easy for your customers to remember how to contact you. We provide you with hundreds of the best Vanity choices available in America. Many of our Auto Loan related numbers include matching web-sites with free banner advertising, and free leads!

As a dealer, you have limited opportunity to catch a car buyer’s attention. Use your best resource.

Vanity-PRO has premier Brand Name Vanity 800 numbers, and Auto Loan Vanity 800 numbers, along with hundreds of other Vanity Numbers, many with matching websites of the same name. We are the only lead generation business offering a service that is customized for your specific market area.

Take a look at some of our numbers:

For a complete list of our Auto Loan Vanity toll-free numbers with matching URLs

20-30% Greater Ad Response: It is proven that customers who see and hear Automotive Brand and Car Loan Vanity Numbers on a regular basis increase the average ad response by 20-30%. You receive more calls for the same ad, without increasing your expenses. Reducing your cost per-sale increases your profits.

  • Brand Recognition: Associates you with your product and industry. Your Vanity Number says who you are and what you do in an easy to remember way. It creates a lasting impression of success with your customers, and proves that you are committed to their customer service.
  • Repeat Business: Improve your repeat call ratio. Your Vanity-PRO number makes it easy for your customers to remember how to contact you, as well as customer-to-customer referrals.
  • Security: Customers trust companies that are easily accessible by phone. Vanity-PRO creates an image of stability. Your dealership appears stronger from a customer perspective.
  • Goodwill: Friend to friend. Free client referrals grow exponentially as your Vanity-PRO program ages: the plus of a satisfied customer telling his friend, “Jim, I received great service when I called 1-800-A CAR LOAN. Give them a call.”
  • Contradicting Opinions: Companies that tell you Vanity Numbers don’t work, are the companies that don’t have any to offer.

Is it important to know who's calling, or do you want to sell 20-30% more cars?