Lead Generation

Car Leads® provides solutions to increase your lead production by 20-30%, resulting in more sales. To increase your profits as an advertiser, you need to increase your lead production without increasing your advertising outlay. Your cost-per-lead defines your profit and is based on your advertising expense. Car Leads® increases your lead production, which lowers your cost-per-lead.


Automotive Brand and Special Finance Vanity 800 Numbers

Your Vanity-PRO toll-free telephone number makes a statement about who you are, and/or what you provide. Your number also performs multiple functions at the same time.

Vanity Numbers spell out a brand, a loan option, or a number that makes your ad memorable. We offer hundreds of Vanity 800 number choices for the automotive industry, and many 800 loan numbers that include matching web-sites with free banner advertising. Vanity-PRO numbers promote immediate response and long term customer retention. Your Vanity-PRO call records (Track-PRO) can also be distributed directly into your CRM software. More...


internet Presence

Web-PRO offers Internet promotion through automotive related websites with matching toll-free Vanity Numbers with loan applications and banner placement, also with direct links to your dealership website. More...

Free Television and Radio Ads

Ad-PRO provides Television and Radio advertisements by partnering with one of the leading ad agencies in America, Larry John Wright, Inc.. Every ad is designed for high-impact immediate response and long term customer retention by embedding your name and Vanity Number into the memory of every person who sees or hears your TV or Radio ads. More...


Loan Application Retrieval System

Our Lead-PRO system-software makes it easy for you to retrieve and catalog leads from all methods of acquisition! These leads are sent directly to you from the program(s) in which you are participating! More...


Geographical Call Routing

Geo-PRO can distribute your company’s inbound Vanity-PRO calls and Web-PRO internet leads to multiple locations throughout your market area based on our Geographic Routing Technology.

We can customize a program to distribute your calls and leads to various locations of your choice. For example, if you have multiple locations advertising the same Vanity-PRO toll-free number, we can divide the inbound calls geographically so that each location receives their correct share of incoming calls. This customized distribution system can also be applied to your Web-PRO internet leads. More...


Automated Loan Application System

Loan-PRO provides a voice activated system that collects customer call-in applications. You may use this full time, or just for the hours that you do not want the number ringing at your dealership. You control which questions to ask - to shorten or lengthen the loan application to your specific requirements. We can email or Fax your leads directly to you, or send you an email notification to retrieve your leads from our Lead Pool Distribution System. More...


Live Operator

Loan-PRO PLUS is an optional service providing live-operators who take loan applications from borrowers who prefer to talk with a live operator rather than apply over the internet. Upon completion, the application is placed in your Lead-PRO account for you to retrieve. More...