Ad Response Call Tracking

Track-PRO provides 24-hour internet access to Real-Time call records and call detail. You can track and analyze your ad responses to determine who called, and which ad they called from. Knowing your ROI (Return-On-Investment) is crucial to understanding your customer acquisition cost, which determines your profit. Car Leads can provide packages of toll-free Vanity and repeater numbers for multiple ad tracking. In some cases, every number you select can be of the 800 variety, proven to have greater results than 888, 877 and 866.

Track-PRO offers a range of web based, easy-to-read reports from ROI Tracking, to summaries and detailed tables of individual caller's information. These reports are easy to use and quick to visualize.

As the call occurs, our system captures database information on the caller's name, phone number, address, time, duration, and completion-of-time for each call. It will also show you if your line was busy, or if the call went unanswered. It takes just a few minutes to learn how to use the Track-PRO system.

See and hear your calls within minutes!

  • See, hear, and analyze your ad responses within minutes of the call
  • Know instantly which of your employees, by name, handled each call
  • Demographic Data: See the caller's name, address, and full area demographic data.
  • Reports and call details are available 24-hours / 7 days a week
  • Make notes to each call inside our secure system, and email these notes to other managers
  • Program email notification of unanswered calls, and daily or weekly reports

Tracking-ROI: Analyzing Advertising Dollars

Track-PRO offers a database report system that will quickly show you which ads provide the best ROI. The Vanity-PRO number, inserted into your different advertisements, allows you to compare the effectiveness of your various advertising campaigns, the same day the ads run!

  • Analyze all your ad responses from every ad, in minutes, the same day the ad runs
  • Make informed decisions that improve your advertising and generate more qualified leads
  • Control spending by daily response tracking, and receive a better return on your investment

Gone are the days of waiting for your monthly phone bill to arrive so that inbound calls can be analyzed. In the past, you waited for a monthly phone bill to arrive and then you spent hours analyzing multiple pages. In the past, your receptionist had to track the duration and result of each salesperson's calls. In the past, you or your receptionist and you had to waste hours sorting through the call reports.

Track-PRO is the time-and-money saving solution, and it’s available now.

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