Target Training


Fast-Track Sales Training to Convert Car Leads to Sales

Record-PRO is the tool that allows you to replay conversations, sharpen your staff's phone sale skills, and create more ups. Inbound calls on your Vanity Numbers are recorded in our system as they ring through to you. Record-PRO saves each call in an audio file and holds it for you for 30 days, allowing you to track it through the sales cycle and review it for sales training.

Record-PRO Functions:

  • Digital recording of each call – saves digital audio files of all incoming calls
    • Accessible for 30 days
    • Archives 30 calls for an indefinite time period, beyond the 30 days.
    • Contact management features – track the progress of a lead, from first contact to closing.
  • Catalogue recorded calls with account codes
  • Replay conversations – you can listen to the entire call
  • Sharpen your sales staff skills – critique, review, and follow-up
  • Capture and identify mishandled leads the same day they occur
  • Identify and correct personnel issues
  • Reduce mishandled calls
  • Implement customized office procedures
  • Assess your marketing campaign and strategies

Fast-Track Training Solutions: Listen, Train, Correct, Close

Your objective is target training; your solution is Fast-Track training. We agree with the "One-Minute Sales Manager" program theory, acknowledging that it is the most popular method for sales training in America. The key feature is accommodating one-on-one critique: managers look for short calls, review them with sales staff, and critique them daily for faster lead-to-ups development.

Record-PRO enables the sales manager to review recorded and cataloged sales calls with each salesperson. This allows a manager to isolate, critique, train, and offer suggestions about each salesperson’s overall performance the same day the call occurred. You will see a noticeable improvement in the closing (more ups) ratio of each salesperson, within two weeks!

How it Works:

  • After receiving and completing a Vanity-PRO ad response call, the salesperson enters their assigned 4-digit account code that is catalogued in the call detail.
  • Every sales person has access to review their own recorded calls.
  • Sales managers have access to review ALL recorded calls.
  • Click on the speaker icon to listen to the entire call; hear both sides of the conversation.
  • Isolate calls that require further training; downloading the best ones for corrective training
  • Target train new sales people by reviewing and correcting individual responses the same day the calls occur, while the call is still fresh in the mind of the trainee.

Listen to an Actual call: