By participating in the Auto Credit program, you will be moving your company in a direction of growth, greater prosperity, and more successful loans. This easy-to-remember number makes the statement, " AUTO CREDIT," we are the company to help you complete your loan application."


  • Vanity number with Vanity-PRO Customer Service

Web-PRO™: www.1888autocredit.com

  • Banner with text-ad placement and link
  • Immediate delivery of exclusive internet leads collected from your matching websites

Ad-PRO™: 3- TV and Radio ads customized for you

Lead-PRO™: Loan Application Retrieval System- retrieves and catalogues your leads

Track-PRO™: Real-Time internet Ad Tracking System - know your ROI

Record-PRO™: Fast-Track and Target Train your Sales Staff

Optional Services available at very reasonable prices:

  • Geo-PRO™: Multi-Location Automated Call and Lead Distribution
  • Loan-PRO™: Automated after-hours Loan Application System
  • Loan-PRO PLUS™: Live-Operator after hours Loan Application Service

The 1-888-AUTO CREDIT program offers a powerful statement of agreement and success between the lender and the borrower. The words Auto Credit makes the statement that what you hear next is going to work. Auto Credit, with us you will succeed with your loan.