1-800-THE CREDIT offers a memorable number for a large variety of customers. By making the statement 1-800-THE CREDIT, you are saying that you can cover loans for every type of need and every level of credit rating. Also included is the auto Vanity toll-free number 1-800-THE CREDIT.


Web-PROT: www.thecredit.com

  • Banner with text-ad placement and link
  • Immediate delivery of exclusive internet leads collected from your matching websites.

Ad-PROT: 3- TV and Radio ads customized for you

Lead-PRT: Loan Application Retrieval System- retrieves and catalogues your leads

Track-PROT: The Real-Time internet Ad Tracking System - Know your ROI

Record-PROT: Fast-Track and Target-Train your Sales Staff

Optional Services available at very reasonable prices:

  • Geo-PROT: Multi-Location Automated Call and Lead Distribution
  • Loan-PROT: Automated after-hours Loan Application System
  • Loan-PRO PLUST: Live Operator after hours Loan Application Service

1-800-THE CREDIT encourages your borrowers to complete their loan funding with any size down payment or equity level. These are very beneficial leads because those borrowers, with little or no down payment, will be loyal to you for years to come. That customer loyalty, combined with an easy to remember auto Vanity toll-free number, promotes customer referrals.


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