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1-800-YES LOAN

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The 1-800-YES LOAN Vanity number offers a powerful solution to capture your advertising audience. Today, rates are king. Everyone is shopping rates. 1-800-YES LOAN makes the statement that you are committed to providing multiple rate choices and places you well ahead of your competitors.

1-800-YES LOAN
1-888-YES LOAN
1-866-YES LOAN
1-877-YES LOAN

  • Four Vanity numbers with Vanity-PRO Customer Service

The 1 800 YES LOAN website stands out as a professional statement of integrity and high customer service. The website name, www.1-800-YESLOAN.com, implies to your customers that you are committed to offering the best and most completive rates.

Web-PRO: www.1-800-yesloan.com

  • Banner with text-ad placement and link
  • Immediate delivery of exclusive internet leads collected from your matching websites.

Ad-PRO: 3- TV and Radio ads customized for you

Lead-PRO: Loan Application Retrieval System- retrieves and catalogues your leads

Track-PRO: The Real-Time internet Ad Tracking System - Know your ROI

Record-PRO: Fast-Track and Target-Train your Sales Staff

Optional Services available at very reasonable prices:

  • Geo-PRO: Multi-Location Automated Call and Lead Distribution
  • Loan-PRO: Automated after-hours Loan Application System
  • Loan-PRO PLUS: Live Operator after hours Loan Application Service